1. You all just nostalgia'd hard: What videogame music defined your childhood? !videogameponies # #

    Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:22:04 UTC from web
    1. @chjees Funny how this is one of the first games I remember playing for the SNES that was actually from my own house and not my cousin's. Also one of the first games I really understood how to play, but far from one of my favorites. I adore that music, though! !VideoGamePonies # #

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:25:43 UTC from web
    2. @chjees !vgp For me, it would have to be "The Boy Aims for Wild Fields from the Secret of Mana Soundtrack. Oh the places I traveled to chase dreams.... and all of the came true. =3

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:25:54 UTC from StatusNet Desktop
    3. @chjees anything from Banjo-Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing. Rare was beast back in the N64 days. !vgp

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:29:41 UTC from web
    4. @chjees Maniac Mansion on the NES. Every track was individual, well-crafted, and just a whole lot of fun. One day, I'll get it on CD. One day. # # !1980s !vgp

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:31:49 UTC from web
    5. @chjees I had a Mega Drive, so more boss songs like this:

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:33:45 UTC from web
    6. @chjees !vgp this one, probably: my very first RPG and also one of my very first games! Didn't speak a word English back then (I must've been 5 or 6), but I loved it regardless. And I still baaawl when one of the characters die. :'(

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:43:39 UTC from web
    7. @chjees !vgp also, this one remains EPIIIIIC

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 12:45:59 UTC from web
    8. @rotation As awesome as that was, I didn't have that game. My parents didn't let me have games that looked remotely violent... which is a shame because I could have known all about Zero Wing since childhood! #

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 13:04:44 UTC from web
    9. @chjees !vgp

      Wednesday, 13-Apr-11 16:34:42 UTC from web