1. In math again. Every single morning. Ugh, I just want to quit math forever -_______-

    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:03:52 UTC from web
    1. @arctempest Which course is this that you're in? Math is frustrating from time to time - no doubt!

      Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:06:27 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @haganbmj math 9. easy and boring, but there's just so much homework -_-

        Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:11:19 UTC from web
        1. @arctempest Ahhh gotcha. Yeah, always the long homework that's bothersome. D:

          Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:15:06 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @haganbmj ah well, as soon as I'm done with this type of math, I get to move on to a type that I'll need for my future job :D >geometry< MASTER ARCHITECT HERE I COME~!!!!!

            Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:18:35 UTC from web
            1. @arctempest Horray! Architecture, nice field choice! You will of course have some math, but I don't think believe it's too terrible? I go to a primarily engineering/architecture school, yet I can't say I know any Architecture students xD

              Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:23:04 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              1. @haganbmj XD lawdy! The math is all linear equations so it's really easy. I just like drawing houses :)

                Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:28:14 UTC from web
                1. @arctempest Horray! Easy math! Linear was a pretty good course, xD

                  Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:30:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  1. @haganbmj Well it's good to see somepony in a good mood :D

                    Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:31:34 UTC from web
                    1. @arctempest Totally! Could've used more sleep, but today is looking like a good day! Plus I get to talk online to people, excellent!

                      Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:33:05 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      1. @haganbmj Excellent, it's all culmination in my mahster plan.

                        Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:34:28 UTC from web
                        1. @arctempest Mmhh, the Master Plan! :D - I just like talking with others, keeps the day moving quickly; get through school and such.

                          Tuesday, 12-Apr-11 16:53:05 UTC from web