1. Celestia continued brushing the cloth firmly against the side of the golden necklace, inducing a blinding glean from the surface. A shine that reminded her every bit of the world-illuminating ball of light she worked to rise every day. A ball so bright. She only wished her glimmering mane could be as bright. Before she knew it, Celestia found herself short of breath, her heartbeat a flutter. What was this feeling? All she knew is that she could not stop polishing the necklace. It must shine. It must shine as bright as the noontime sun. Her horn glowed brightly as magic welled about. She gasped for air. Why was she panting? And for how long? Celestia felt wonderful, but she knew the trinket could shine brighter. She would make it so! Nothing would stop her from making her necklace sparkle like the Sun. !oatmeal

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